closed die forging hammers and presses, open die hammer press and manipulator, steel ball machine, riveting machine, metal scrap briquetter
Forging Hammer and Press sold to USA,
Germany, Japan etc 80+ Countries.

Anyang Forging Press Since 1956

China National Forging Hammer Standard Drafter

Why Choose Anyang Forging Press

Anyang Forging Press is the top manufacturer of closed forging equipments and open die forging machines in China. Besides, we also produce briquette presses, baling presses for metal scrap recycling and Hydraulic Riveting Machines applied in riveting field


Producing Forging Hammers Since 1956


80 Acre Facility&Over 600 Employees&Over 200 Sets Lathes


Supply Hundreds of Forging Machines for Both Closed and Open die Forgings


Over 200 Engineers Use Latest 3D Cad/Cam Software


7*24 online service support


Forging Machine Sold to Germany,USA,Japan,Australia etc 80+ countries

Products Catalogue

Close Die Forging Machine

Close Die Forging Machine

Including CNC Closed Die Forging Hammer(16KJ-400KJ), Hydraulic Closed Die Hammer(1T-18T), Electric Screw Press(250T-4000T) etc Hot Forging Machines

Open Die Forging Machine

Open Die Forging Machine

Including Open Die Hydraulic forging hammer(1T-18T), Open Die Hydraulic Press(800T-6000T), Pneumatic Forging Hammer(150KG-2000KG) etc

Steel Ball Making Machine

Steel Ball Making Machine

Steel Ball Skew Rolling Machine Can Roll STEEL OR COPPER Balls 30mm - 120mm, Pneumatic Forging Hammer Can Forge Balls 70mm - 250mm.

Forging Manipulator

Forging Manipulator and Charger

Include CNC Hydraulic Forging Manipulator(8T-60T), Hydraulic&Mechanical Manipulator (1T-8T), Mechanical manipulator (1T-15T). Charger include Railway and Mobile

ring rolling Machine

Other Forging Machine

Besides Above Forging Machines, Anyang Also Can Supply Ring Rolling Machine, Billet Share, Key Driver, Roll Forging Machine, Cross Wedge Rolling Machine etc

Hydraulic Riveting Machine

Hydraulic Riveting Machine

Hydraulic Riveting Machine Can Cold or Hot Riveting, It widely used in Truck Frame Riveting, Brake Shoes Riveting, Bridge Riveting, Container Riveting etc.

Metal Scrap Recycling Machine

Metal Scrap Recycling Machine

Anyang Can Produce Metal Chips Briquetting Press and Metal Scrap Baler, They Are Used to Compact Different Kinds of Metal Recycling Chips to be high density metal briquette.

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